Join us to have a look at some of the strongest evidence we have for who Jesus is, why he came and what he did? We are doing Bible studies in Luke's gospel, and gradually working through the whole book over the course of a year.

What? Bible studies in Luke's gospel (working through the whole of Luke's gospel)

When? Alternate Thursday, starting at 7.30pm and ending by 9.30pm at the latest

Where? At the house of Mary and David Adkins, 22 Middle Street, Ashcott, TA7 9QB

What happens? Starting with light refreshments, followed by Bible study and prayer time. You are welcome to join in the discussion or just sit and listen.

How do I find out more? Please contact Jennifer Tweedy for more information.


  • 8 Feb: Luke 12:35-14:6 Get ready and come in
  • 22 Feb: Luke 14:7-15:32 The banquet and the search
  • 8 March: Luke 16:1-18:8 The kingdom is coming
  • 22 March: Luke 18:9-19:44 Ins and outs
  • April tbc: Luke 19:45-21:38 Showdown at the temple
  • April/May tbc: Luke 22:1-71 The night of trials
  • May tbc: Luke 23:1-47 Opening the kingdom
  • May/June tbc: Luke 23:48-24:53 Remember how he told you