Sunday worship

Our regular Sunday worship has a varied style to suit the needs of particular worshippers.

The Informal Worship services have a relaxed feel to them, and music is provided by our worship group, Polden Praise. Once a month, we also have a cafe church, which takes place in Shapwick Church, where fresh coffee and bacon butties are served.

The communion services on a Sunday generally take one of two forms:

  • We have contemporary language services, using the Common Worship liturgy.
  • Many older worshippers like the language of the Book of Common Prayer, which was published in 1662 and has the traditional language of that era.

In both cases, the music is usually provided by an organist.

We are also experimenting with the use of a Celtic-style liturgy: more details to come.

Once a month, there is a BCP evensong in Edington.