Supporting Bridgwater Foodbank

In 2017, the Polden Wheel churches started collecting for Bridgwater Foodbank, run by the Trussell Trust. Most of our churches (often in porches) have a donations box for food items with a list of current items that the Foodbank particular needs.

Each year since 2017 the amount of donated goods has increased and despite lockdowns during 2020 we took 470kg of items, an increase on 2019’s amount, even though we weren’t able to collect for a period of lockdown; we also know that whilst we weren’t able to collect many people continued their support by sending monetary donations direct. So once again it is a BIG THANK YOU to all in our communities who have donated over the year. We are all aware of how the COVID-19 situation has created situations of hardship for individuals and families and the Foodbank provides a very much needed lifeline. We are very appreciative of all the wonderful work the Foodbank continues to do even during these difficult COVID-19 times, remaining open during all the lockdowns and beyond. Your generous support helps us contribute to that.

Find out more about the Bridgwater foodbank here.