Supporting Bridgwater Foodbank

We continue to support Bridgwater Foodbank, run by the Trussell Trust. Most of our churches (often in porches) have a donations box for food items with a list of current items that the Foodbank particularly needs.

Over 2022 we collected 730kg of donated goods and collections at our harvest services, lunches and suppers raised £459, all going to the Bridgwater Foodbank, we are very grateful to all of you who donated money or food items.  We continue to collect food and toiletries for 2023.  Again, it is a BIG THANK YOU to all in our communities who have donated over the year and continue to do so.

We are very appreciative of all the wonderful work the Foodbank continues to do during these times, when so many are struggling with the cost of living. Your generous support helps us contribute to that.

Find out more about the Bridgwater foodbank and what their current list of needs are here.