Service Listing

Our lockdown schedule

From May 16, most of our services will be in-church. Our Zoom services, which have been very popular throughout the pandemic, will become monthly events on the first Sunday of the month, when it will be one of only two services (along with the communion service in Catcott). Our main service will continue to be our popular Informal Worship via Zoom at 11:00.

The Cafe Church at the Shapwick Cricket Pavilion will resume in August.

To join a Zoom service send a request go to the form here. If you are not familiar with our Informal Worship via Zoom, go here for an example of one that was recorded on October 25.

Sunday 9.30 11:00 6:30
May 9 Holy Communion - Ashcott Informal Worship online via Zoom  
May 16   Informal Worship - Shapwick
Holy Communion - Chilton Polden
May 23 Holy Communion - Shapwick
Holy Communion - Catcott
Informal Worship - Burtle
Holy Communion - Ashcott
May 30   Polden Wheel benefice communion
June 6 Holy Communion - Catcott Informal Worship via Zoom  
June 13 Holy Communion - Burtle Informal Worship - Edington
Informal Worship - Chilton Polden
Informal Worship - Catcott
Holy Communion - Ashcott
June 20   Informal Worship - Shapwick
Holy Communion - Chilton Polden
June 27 Holy Communion - Shapwick Informal Worship - Burtle
Informal Worship - Ashcott
Holy Communion - Edington

In addition, there will be an Ascension Day service on Thursday May 13 at 10am in Edington.